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Data Recovery
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Data Recovery Vancouver, WA

Truit Data Recovery Services

At Truit, we help businesses recover their data quickly.

Data recovery is vital as a component of IT infrastructure support offered in our managed service plans. Let's discuss data storage, backup, and restoration. Because, you may need help today.

From Clark College to the Columbia River, Truit's got Vancouver's data covered.

There are several approaches when building a proactive plan for data recovery and a tailored solution for your specific business need in Vancouver, WA.

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Successfully Recover Vital Files With the Right Data Recovery Specialist

We recover lost data from hard drives and virtual machines through proper planning for redundancy and the right software tools. There are several considerations when building in redundancy for your data storage. As part of our onboarding process, we identify the specific hardware and services your organization utilizes and then create a plan for handling backup.

This plan, which is specific to your organization, protects your organization's data storage through one or many different tactics for both on-site and cloud-based storage.


Your plan includes:

  • - raid storage/raid arrays and raid data recovery

  • - drive data recovery specialized software

  • - support laptop/desktop

  • - how to deal with external solid-state drives

  • - flash drive integration

  • - secure data recovery software services

  • - automated backup to on-site and cloud-based storage devices


At Truit, we take the time to understand your organization's needs and create a custom solution for you.

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Truit Data Recovery Services

How Much Will Data Recovery Services Cost?

Our team will consider a few details when proving the cost for recovery. The primary consideration is the time needed to provide safe and effective data recovery. The other component to consider is any equipment to be replaced for proper storage media.

Truit is experienced in data recovery and will recover files from Solid State Drives, RAID hard drives, SD cards, and other media.

We offer affordable hard drive data recovery services in Vancouver, including external hard drives, with high success rates through advanced technology and strategic partnerships. We can also facilitate expedited options for data recovery services & file


Your Trusted Data Recovery Company For Vancouver

Quick, secure data recovery service turnaround times are essential to keep your business moving. Our recovery experts have extensive experience working on all types of data loss and recovery. We leverage their expertise to take proactive steps during infrastructure planning. Our data recovery has a high success rate because we build your digital infrastructure with redundancy and stability in mind.

raising the bar on managed IT.

We Expect the Unexpected

At Truit, we look ahead and have a plan in place to combat unexpected business disruptions from a loss of data. We are there for you, whether an associate accidentally deletes something, a virus causes data issues, the power is interrupted, or a random operating system crash happens. The good news is that we recover photos, Microsoft documents, deleted files for Windows-supported programs, and items lost on a workstation hard drive.


We Protect Your Data Before You Have An Emergency

At Truit, we offer emergency services to recover your data. Our expert customer service will then help plan and implement the right proactive strategy to ensure your data vulnerabilities are eliminated. From automated back-up to custom on-site storage, we have you covered.

Truit’s managed backup service will provide you with the assurance you are looking for. Our systems are designed so that all of your data storage is redundant. Our automation will ensure that your data is backed up daily on servers, offering a fast turnaround in any future recovery process. If your computer loses information or has a hardware failure, we can quickly and easily restore your data to the state it was at the last backup.

Truit Data Recovery Services


of businesses are not ready for data loss


hard drives fail in the US every day.

Servers are the backbone of many environments.