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workstation solutions

Workstation Solutions

Eliminate Workstation Risk

Every workstation is using the internet and email to drive business and comes with inherent risks. Employees rely on these tools to take care of their daily work—and you can rely on truit to eliminate that risk.

You don’t have to worry about common causes of vulnerability because the truit suite of security software and tools ensures your business technology is running smoothly and securely. 


Physically we monitor the hardware for vulnerabilities, and virtually through active virus protection, email protection and anti-phishing protection. 



& Virtually Protected

Workstation Solutions
Microsoft 365® Partner
Office 365 standard license
Email Administration

Help Deck

Direct access to truit is available to each user right on their desktop through a messenger tool.





a suite of serious security

Let’s design the perfect solution set just for you.

To protect your digital infrastructure and meet each of your specific needs we leverage our strategic partnerships with the most trusted software providers.

Your company may need anti-viral software coupled with the latest in email protection powered by an AI engine. You may also need to actively monitor each workstation with the ability to access the computer immediately should a concern arise. Based on the workflow and projects, you may need a back-up in the cloud or even a local back-up combined with a back-up in the cloud.

You can trust us to keep you secure and on top of your game with the most effective, optimal, cutting edge security solutions.

Patch Management.

Software vendors are constantly keeping their software up to date to combat Zero-Day Virus and software attacks.

In order to protect your workstations and software from malicious bad actors, Truit will ensure that your operating system and third party software are up to date.

Anti-Virus/Advanced Endpoint Detection Response

Our platform safeguards the world’s creativity, communications, and commerce on devices and in the cloud from viruses and other cyber attacks. Your most sensitive data lives on your computer device and in the cloud.

Protect what matters most from cyberattacks. Fortify your entire network with real time autonomous protection that morphs through AI to adapt to each security need.

Our Team of professionals monitors your activity from its Security Operations Center 24/7 and ensures that all malicious activities are responded to in real time.

Email Filtering/Cyber Security Training

Our Start of the art email filtering uses AI technology to monitor for malicious activities, blocks it from happening or warns users of possible emails that could be malicious.  

Cyber Security can be as secure as your weakest employee. We provide ongoing training and phishing test to ensure your staff are well trained to see malicious activity when its presented to them.  

 Password Management

We recommend and provide a password aggregator to maintain a secure process to keep and share sensitive information including passwords. We use best in class  tools for password security

Proactive Network Security

Keep the bad stuff out
and the good stuff in.


Comprehensive. Automated. Secure. Reliable.

From automated back-up to custom
on-site storage, we have you covered.


of businesses are not
ready for data loss


harddrives fail in
the US everyday.

Managed Backups

With Truit’s managed backup
service you can be rest assured
that all of your data is redundant.

Our staff will ensure that your data is backed up daily and if your computer loses data or has a hardware failure we can restore your data back to the state it was at the last backup.

Email / OneDrive Backup

Office 365 Backup, Archive (Email Backup)

Effortlessly and securely backup, restore, and migrate all business-critical email  and online drive data.  In addition managers can go back and look at staff emails restore deleted emails and documents. 

Server Management

Servers are the backbone of many environments – Our staff can maintain your server environment for maximum uptime so that your business stays in production. This means we are handling all of your updating, troubleshooting, backups and adjustments to your server environment, so that it is running at peak performance.

This service is not limited to physical machines running at your office but includes virtually hosted servers as well.

Paper to Digital Conversion & Storage

Truit provides trusted, reliable, and secure document conversion and storage. Quick access to your digitized documents, anytime.

Optical character recognition scans the document images and then turns them into text documents that can be used in searches. This important information is then saved in a safe central digital location for quick retrieval and helps keep documents more secure and organized. They can be made into versions such as PDS, HTML, GIF, jpg, XML an XLs.Enjoy the benefit of quick access to your digitized documents, anytime.


A well-built infrastructure turns
complexity into smooth operations.

Network Engineering

Design wiring plans on new construction/remodel

Reliable wifi design, equipment, install, and set-up

Wifi Access points throughout the business location

Firewalls to secure data

Manageable switches to monitor network in real-time

Connect offices with VPN

Server Management

On-site servers to:

Control Domain Control, Active Directory, Network Security and Function

Run your POS(Point of Sale) or industry-specific software

Store Data for quick access

Unified Telecommunications

VOiP Phone Systems:

Make and receive calls from your office phone number from either your computer or mobile device.

Text or chat, cloud faxing, and integrated messaging including voicemail-to-email.

On-site phone systems for Large industry-specific operations

Internet service provider(ISP) connection (cable, T-1, Fiber, Satellite)

Cloud Services

State of the art services that allow you to keep your entire environment on virtual workstations, giving you full control over your remote workers.
Server hardware is no longer needed to run your proprietary software.
Access your documents / software / server environment from anywhere in the world.
Your environment is created from the ground up. Built specifically for your needs right now and scaleable to grow with your future needs!

hybrid support

In a world that is fast moving completely off-site, we still value a hybrid model where off-site support is augmented with on-site support should it be needed. We have a team standing by to work towards a solution for your technology infrastructure. These experts are local to each company location and can be on-site should the need arise.