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IT Consulting
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Truit Is a Professional IT Consulting Company Servicing Spokane Washington.

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Transforming Business Through Technology Services in Spokane

Changing technology in your organization entails more than simply updating some software or modernizing the equipment. It means ensuring that your workforce is entirely productive, not hampered by outmoded systems or confusing processes.

With remote working becoming more common, your team needs to work seamlessly across numerous devices and locations, confident that their communications and data remain secure.

IT Consulting

Our IT Consulting Services

Whatever the size or type of your organization, our specialists can develop the perfect package to meet all your information technology (IT) needs. Here are just some of the services we offer.


With ransomware and cyber-attacks increasing, creating a safe environment is now a top priority for every business. This safety is particularly the case with the increased use of cloud technologies, which can expose any vulnerabilities in your system. Our IT consultants understand the risks your business might encounter. From malware and viruses to data loss and more, we'll ensure that your systems and devices are well protected.

Network Protection

Businesses cannot afford to be without solid network security in today's environment. However, installing technology like firewalls to support your unique requirements can be a challenge, which is where we come in. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to safeguard your network and keep it secure.

Server Management

Our IT firm can monitor and maintain your server environment to ensure maximum uptime. We'll manage all your server updates, troubleshooting, and backups to ensure that your network always operates at optimal levels. This service is not restricted to on-site servers and covers virtual servers too.


Full support is available for Microsoft Office 365 with email backups, storage, and migration services, so your business-critical email data is always protected.

Conversion and Storage of Paper to Digital

We provide a secure paper-to-data conversion and storage service that's affordable, reliable, and scalable. Optical character recognition (OCR) converts your paperwork into searchable text documents. The stored information is in a secure digital location for fast, easy retrieval and improved file organization. We can convert paper into many digital formats, including PSD, PNG, JPEG, XLSX, and PDF.

Patch Management

Software providers are continually updating their products to combat viruses and cyber-attacks. Our IT team will make sure that your operating system and software are entirely up-to-date. This help your workstations and other equipment to remain protected from any malicious activity.

Sentinel OneĀ® Anti-Virus

The SentinelOne platform protects the world's creativity, communications, and commerce from viruses and other cyber-attacks, both on devices and in the cloud. Our IT consultancy team will install powerful real-time protection that constantly adapts to new threats via artificial intelligence (AI).

Last Pass Password Security

Passwords are always a security issue in any organization. That's why we provide a top-notch password organizer to maintain the security of sensitive information. LastPass is the industry standard for password security.

Iron ScalesĀ®

Iron Scales provides protection against phishing that is simple to use, fast, and very effective. It deploys rapidly, is easy to administer, and can stop advanced attacks by using dynamic warning banners. Our AI-powered email security technology continuously detects threats in your company's mailboxes, including BEC, credential harvesting, account takeover, and others.

Cloud Services

Our advanced cloud services let your team securely access documents and use apps from anywhere in the world. We can create precisely the right cloud package for your needs, one that fits your budget and can be adapted as your business grows.

Security and Managed Backups

Our IT experts will ensure that your systems are backed up regularly. If your data corrupts or your workstations suffer a hardware malfunction, we can restore your files and full system functionality quickly for you.

VoIP Phone Systems

Our cost-effective VoIP systems will let you make and receive work calls and use SMS messaging, cloud faxing, voicemail-to-email, and other services.

Cost-Effective and Flexible IT Consulting

Our managed IT consulting services will help minimize capital expenditures and reduce your operational costs to a minimum. We'll improve your IT systems while saving you time and money.

Our Support Deck

Contacting the support team at Truit for help and advice is fast and easy. Your staff will have constant access to our support messenger tool right from their desktop.

raising the bar on managed IT.
IT Consulting

How Our Process Works

  • One: Contact Us

    One of our IT consultants will talk to you about your business, and IT needs when you get in touch. We'll also schedule an on-site visit to review your IT infrastructure.

  • Two: Technology Review

    We look at how your organization is currently using IT to see how we can improve it. We'll consider the kind of data you are handling, how your business might change in the future, your team's needs, and your budget.

  • Three: Strategic Planning

    We'll devise a custom plan to install any necessary devices, networking software, security applications, and more when we know all about your business. Once that's ready, we'll contact you to make sure you're happy with everything before we arrange to implement your IT solutions.

  • Four: Hands-Off IT Solutions

    Once our professional team has everything up and running, you can relax knowing that our IT consultants are there to handle all your technology needs 24/7.

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