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How strong is your cyber security?

When facing foes it's best to have some armor!

Why not put a wizard on your side and win the day? Truit’s Cybersecurity System is here to protect you from the malicious.


The Hard
Reality of
Cyber Criminals


What To
Do Next



So what is cybersecruity?

Cybersecurity refers to a company’s plans, systems, and programs put in place to protect computer networks, and devices, with sensitive data from viruses and hackers. Yep, we just used the word hackers—they are real and they are capable of doing real damage to the unprepared.

Truit is here to equip you with best-in-class cybersecurity solutions.

It’s understandable how busy you are running your own business. Allow us to take some of the worries off your plate with our effective 3-step approach to keeping you as prepared and protected as possible!

Raising the bar
On managed IT.

Education that Empowers

Empower your employees with our engaging cybersecurity webinars. We teach them(and you!) how to identify common threats and how to properly guard sensitive information. After all, that antivirus won’t do you any good if your employees leave their passwords on post-it notes!

24/7 Monitoring

Since cyber-attacks can happen at any time–not just during business hours–we make sure your network is being constantly monitored for vulnerabilities—24/7. We’ve got your back, so you can run your business like a pro.

Response & Recovery Plan

Our security skills are top-notch and we’re proud of it. Let’s face it—a security breach can show you where to be better and where the gaps are.

The best way to approach a worst-case scenario is to have a plan, and we have those in spades. Like a natural disaster, you hope it never happens, but you’d better be prepared if it does. We’ll make sure you’re equipped to mitigate those damages and get back to business!

1 - The Hard Reality of

Cybercriminals are hackers who compromise networks to get sensitive information from individual devices or a company’s entire network. Some of them are advanced coders, while others wreak havoc just by cracking passwords, deploying Ransomware, and other attacks. The damage can be devastating.

A cyber attack isn’t about “IF”, it’s “WHEN”.

Cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl for vulnerabilities.

  • Ransomware attacks increased 10.7X between July 2020 and June 2021
  • 50% of small and mid-sized businesses have experienced at least one (1) cyber attack in the last year. Yet 51% of all small businesses have no cybersecurity in place.
  • 94% of malware is delivered via email.
  • 10 employees = an average of 90 email-borne malware threats per MONTH
  • On average, and without a monitoring system in place, it takes 120 days to discover a data breach
  • 60% of small & medium-sized businesses go under within 6 months of a breach
Don’t be scared by the reality of these statistics.

Truit™ is here to partner with you to ensure you have everything you need to protect your business.

2 - What to do next

As a business owner, you have a huge responsibility to your clients when you store their personal information. They are trusting you by providing email addresses, phone numbers, and even credit card information. Performing your due diligence by putting security measures in place has never been easier than with Truit. 

Here’s a checklist to see where you stand currently:
  1. Do you have any type of anti-virus or firewall protection in place?
  2. Do your employees understand cybersecurity?
  3. In the case of a breach, do you know how much you stand to lose monetarily?
If you answered NO to any of those questions it might be time to strengthen your fortress.

You can schedule a risk assessment with Truit’s professionals to see where you’re most vulnerable and how we can help.

3 - Frequently Asked Questions

If you do, that’s awesome!(Unless it’s a free one) You’re already one step ahead of many business owners. However, not all antivirus is created equal. Truit’s state-of-the-art Advanced Antivirus and Endpoint detection comes with 24/7 monitoring and a security operations center looking over your business. We’ll be there to respond swiftly when a problem occurs.

With Truit, your information will be actively guarded, your emails protected and your employees will receive invaluable cybersecurity training. Show your customers how much their trust means to you by partnering with Truit.

The more that’s at stake, the bigger the target you are. But don’t let your guard down just because you’re not storing credit card or passport information. Cybercriminals can hack passwords with the most basic information–like email addresses and dates of birth, for example. 


You should also consider whether you have an online portal for your clients. Since many people use the same password for multiple websites(which we do NOT recommend), hackers can use that online login info to hack into your clients’ other accounts.

For some, having an onsite person full-time is valuable. Truit’s Co-Managed Solutions might be the right fit if you have a large business but don’t have the experience to support it.  


It’s also possible that you could save money by replacing your in-house staff and utilize our combined years of experience to support your business.

Our programs are specifically designed to protect your technology from all of the different avenues that cybercriminals use to attack businesses. In this day in age anti-virus alone is not enough. At Truit we provide all the tools to help you maximize productivity and ensure you are safe and secure.

I know I need cybersecurity.

What are the next steps?

We recommend scheduling a risk assessment with one of our helpful cybersecurity professionals. They’ll help you understand what you need and how we can help keep you safe & secure.