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How to Protect Your Company’s Digital Infrastructure

Did you know that a survey of various companies discovered that at least 20% of them had to deal with a cyber security breach because of teleworking? In addition, On top of losing money, 24% of the companies had to pay unforeseen costs to deal with cybersecurity breaches or malware attacks.

Cyber-attacks are at a record high. This, of course, concerns those worried about the safety of their company’s digital infrastructure. In addition, the number of reported cyberattacks is not expected to decrease anytime soon.

As a result, cyber-attacks aren’t whether your company will experience a cyber-attack it’s when it will and how you’ll deal with it. Rather than resign yourself to inevitability, learn how to secure your systems today. Here’s what you need to know to keep your business safe.



Use Best Practices For Cyber Hygiene


Your company should apply some fundamental steps to preserve your company’s digital and it infrastructure. The following are some of the basic steps:


Apply a Firewall


A firewall is like a digital wall separating the outside from the digital infrastructure of your organization. It looks at all traffic coming into the system, identifies it, and filters it.


Using Anti Viral Software


This software type keeps malware away from IT and private computer systems. Anti-malware software scans devices to find, stop and eliminate malware attacks.


Encrypting Data


Encryption is the act of turning plain text, which is the original data, into cipher text. Data encryption can benefit the following:

  • Monitoring systems
  • Smart grids
  • Other Internet of Things equipment 

Only authorized people can read this cipher text. However, they would have to log in with the correct credentials to do so.


Implementing Trust Areas


You can also construct areas in your internal network that have additional firewalls. This gives added security measures for critical information that might need increased protection.


Cybersecurity Software


Cyber security software helps companies find possible threats.

They do this by sending out security alerts in real time. Also, these programs offer strong protection against malicious software.

Furthermore, they track who logs in and what they do across your company’s entire network.

Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-Factor Authentication is a type of electronic authentication. It makes a user show two or more pieces of proof of their identity to gain access to a website or app. So, for example, you could ask employees to enter a pin or AI identification when they try to log onto the network rather than using only a password.

Invest In a Cyber Security Services


It’s essential to hire and grow your cyber security department. So, invest in the right people who are good at cybersecurity.

Your company can then focus on its cyber well-being. This will keep your data secure and protected with your team or a managed services provider.

Make Sure Your Hardware IT Infrastructure is Secure


You shouldn’t forget about physical security. You should keep your hardware assets secure. You never know who can access your company network, mainly when these devices are customer-facing. If not properly secured, they could quickly be tampered with and malware introduced into your network through these devices. 

Educate Your Employees on Cyber Security  


Research has found that 85 percent of cybersecurity threats involved employee finger problems. Also, 61 percent were caused by stolen or lost credentials.

To reduce the danger of a cyberattack, you must strengthen your first line of protection against external threats. 

This includes teaching your employees cybersecurity awareness. Let’s examine some methods for educating your employees on appropriate security procedures.

  • Teach your employees about cybersecurity, especially since their equipment is a network portal
  • Teach your staff to recognize the signs of a cyber attack
  • Teach employees how to detect unusual activity and urge them to report any suspicious movements as soon as possible
  • Working from home might lead to cybersecurity complacency; emphasize the usage of passwords and verification
  • There are several options for training personnel on cybersecurity awareness

Training your employees on cybersecurity helps them keep your company secure. They are the first line of defense against external dangers, not just another cog in the wheel. By fostering vigilance and strong cybersecurity awareness, they will help keep your company safe.



Cyber Attacks Should Be Openly Communicated Within the Company


Employees must be notified immediately if a breach happens, but a downed server or network can make that difficult.


Companies must provide clear and straightforward details about what happened and the approach. Inform employees immediately of a breach.


Explain what’s happening and which systems are affected. You want employees to hear news from you, not from media, social media, or other dubious sources.

Provide explicit directions to reduce the business effect. Inform staff about internal procedures and external announcements.

How should staff manage compromised sensitive documents? Notifying external stakeholders helps reduce reputational impact.


Honesty and directness will reassure employees amid a hectic event. Explain the company’s attack plan and be upfront, so employees know where they stand.


Check Your Digital Infrastructure and Assets Regularly


Your company’s digital infrastructure should be checked regularly. This is to ensure that it hasn’t been hacked or breached. Make sure you evaluate and safeguard all the devices in your network, such as: 

  • Personal computers and laptops
  • Third-party devices
  • Bring your own devices
  • Mobile phones and smart devices
  • Any other hardware and software

Regularly checking your digital infrastructure can pinpoint any potential threats lying in wait on these devices.


Keep Your Company’s Digital Infrastructure Safe From Attack!


Infrastructure has long been a target for attackers because it is potentially a gold mine for them. Regrettably, it also creates a vulnerability that security operations teams must address.


With the rise of IoT devices and the spread of cloud services, the average business now has a large attack surface. This makes it more vulnerable to structured cyber attacks. Only by preventing a breach can you reduce risks and secure your digital infrastructure.


Are you looking to improve or implement a digital infrastructure safety net? Then, why not contact us? Our tailored security solutions will keep your digital infrastructure safe.

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